Welcome to Quasi-Stellar – The Telecom Company

Quasi-Stellar is a telecom company, derived from enthusiastic diligence, knowledge, integrity and innovation. Quasi-Stellar Consulting provides advisory support on wireless data technologies and services. Our expertise extends to WiMAX, LTE, UMB, Wi-Fi and other fixed and mobile Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technologies. We assist vendors in gaining a better understanding of the service provider and end-user markets. We work alongside service providers in developing a wireless data strategy and in assessing the demand for wireless services. Independent advice, a strong quantitative backing, and an international perspective are the hallmarks of our work.

We assist service providers to choose best solution and technology according to their requirements; train technical professionals who are not only expert at the complicated aspects of technologies but also very well aware of the factors which need to be consider at the intersection of technology and operations.

Quasi-Stellar specializes in the following areas:

  • Technology and Strategic Services
  • RF Network Planning
  • Performance Engineering
  • Access and Core Planning
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Professional Training Services

Quasi-Stellar prides itself in delivering excellence through working In close partnership with its clients. We believe that true innovation can be delivered through simplicity only, the world is complicated enough without technology experts seeking to make it more so.

We use range of planning and optimisation tools to help our customer to design the best and most cost - effective networks. We offer Advanced Professional Technical Trainings to our customers and professionals. These courses are designed keeping in view the market requirement. Courses can be structured according to business needs and special individual requirements as well. We have facilities to conduct our professional technical training courses worldwide.